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    Your brilliant ideas need flexible and reliable software to come true. EzVideo is all about empowering community site webmasters by providing the world's best software for dating, social-networking, and any other community sites.

    EzVideo Plus - Improved Video Chat Server Tools

    Want to build your own community? Now you're limited only by your imagination, not by your software. EzVideo Plus - our improved Web Community script is a universal software package that now allows you to build any kind of video online community. With a huge variety of features and options you can quickly develop your own community, dating or social-networking site.

    License Options:

    Free - EzVideo logo and links must be displayed on your site.
    $9.95 - 10 days link-free license for 1 domain.
    $19.95 - 30 days link-free license for 1 domain.
    $24.95 - 60 days link-free license for 1 domain.
    $39.95 - 90 days link-free license for 1 domain.
    $49.95 - 120 days link-free license for 1 domain.
    $59.95 - 30 days link-free license for 5 domains.
    $99.95 - 60 days link-free license for 5 domains.
    $119.95 - 90 days link-free license for 5 domains.
    $199.95 - 120 days link-free license for 5 domains.
    $359.95 -lifetime link-free license for 5 domains, plus re-brandable aps for up to 5 sites, plus 5 installations.

    EZv CSF - Community Software Framework

    We always look ahead and Community Software Framework (CSF) is the upcoming "Revolution" in the way EzVideo develops community software. CSF is the software engine and development framework which is destined to power future versions of EzVideo Plus and other EzVideo software.

    CSF is a combination of revolutionary, innovative
    solutions which will change the community software
    industry yet again.

    CSF is 100% open-source software designed to
    overcome major challenges of web-software
    development such as version upgrades, module
    interoperability, module upgrades, design and
    functionality separation and many others.

    CSF has been in development since 2014
    and is planned to be the core engine for
    EzVideo Plus 2. All holders of active EzVideo Plus
    licenses will receive free updates.

    Estimated Release: Sept 2015

    Mobile Community Apps

    With more and more people using mobile devices to access the Internet, the message is clear - Mobile Community Software is the next big thing. EzVideo is in the forefront of mobile community software development and we invite you to this exciting, emerging market.

    EzVideo SmartPro - Professional Business Pack

    For large projects, a simple license may not be enough. With SmartPro you get extra value for your money when you need more than one domain license to run test sites, satellite sites or localized versions of your site on separate domains. With SmartPro you get five licenses. Moreover, we will install EzVideo Plus for you on 5 sites (or 5 times on one site, if needed).

    And what's really special about SmartPro is that you get the right to "re-brand" EzVideo Mobile Apps as your own and submit to app stores under your name of choice, without reference to EzVideo. You may modify, re-design and extend them as you wish.